What Is A Blockchain?

2 min readJun 4, 2021


What is a blockchain?

Consider cryptocurrency to be a subset of blockchain technology, as it is one of many applications made available by the technology.

A block is an individual record, and the chain is all the recordings that make up the complete ledger. Blockchain is a system that employs a collection of records shared by a group of computers; a block is an individual record, and the chain is all the recordings that make up the entire ledger.

As transactions take place, the network is made up of computers that validate those blocks and the accompanying chain.

These transactions may be used to monitor “money” in the form of cryptocurrency, or they might be used to monitor a vegetable from farm to table (which can, among other things, make pinpointing the source of a listeria outbreak in our food supply easier than ever).

The aim of a blockchain are to maintain data integrity in a decentralized way, rather than relying on a single enormous database managed by a single central authority.

Built-in privacy controls and data integrity protection are two aspects of blockchain that are particularly suited to logistics applications.

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