6 Things You Should Know About HODL

3 min readMay 27, 2021
6 Things You Should Know About HODL

One of two crypto investing techniques is the HODL or long-term approach. Hodling, as opposed to trading (a short-term approach), is a low-stress manner of investing that appears to be rather appealing: no tension, no constant checking of crypto market rates, and no technical analysis.

Basically, investors just purchase cryptocurrency, wait, and reap the gains. Still, there are a few essential details you should look at before getting started with HODL (or trading).

What’s the meaning of “HODL”?
HODL is a misspelling of the word “hold.” After appearing in a post on the Bitcointalk Forum in December 2013, it became a crypto meme. In the context of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is becoming a widespread word for a buy-and-hold investing strategy.

How To HODL Cryptocurrency?
Hodling is defined as investing in one-time or regular amounts of bitcoin or altcoin and then keeping the assets for a lengthy time (1 year and more). Investors establish objectives and decide on the length of time they want to invest or the amount they want to accumulate.

What Is The Purpose Of HODLing?
Okay, so why do people hodl? Even when it appears that trading — enjoying the rewards in the short term — is more profitable? We can come up with a long list of reasons.

Overall, individuals pick this technique because hodling requires little work and they are certain that the price of the cryptocurrency will increase in real-value over time.

When it comes to profit, where does it come from?
The long-term investing plan is predicated on forecasts that Bitcoin would “go to the moon.” As a result, investors purchase cryptocurrency at one price, store it as it appreciates in value over time, and then convert it at a higher rate.

Why Is The Interest Rate Increasing?
The expanding public interest in cryptocurrencies is the primary cause for their increasing value. The crypto market is attracting a growing number of individual and institutional participants. In addition, the expanding number of ICOs expands the pool of potential investors. As a result, these components are forming a good trend.

What Should Be in a HODL Portfolio?
Obviously, not every currency or token is worth buying, as many of them are now devoid of activity, making it difficult to forecast a price increase in the future. Even experts, however, aren’t clear about the market behavior of specific cryptocurrencies, even ones that are considered successes.

Investing, like hodling, has a high level of risk, thus investors protect their investments by diversifying their portfolios. It implies people invest in a variety of cryptocurrencies rather than just one. Some will climb, while others will decline, but they will all enhance your chances of profit.

Investing, and even hodling, is strongly connected with risk, so investors ensure their assets by diversifying the portfolio. It means that they invest in several cryptocurrencies but not in the one. Some will rise, some will fall, but they increase the chances of getting profit.


HODL is more than simply a long-term investing plan, as you can see. For many crypto investors, it has evolved into a philosophy and a way of life. We hope that this post has given you a better understanding of whether or not you are a hodler.


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However, crypto asset investing, trading, staking can be considered a high-risk activity. Please use your extreme judgement when making the decision to invest in, sell, or to stake Crypto Assets.